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Leonard Ilgunas
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Leonard Ilgunas has been a Realtor in Humboldt since 2004 and is a Broker with Lucky Star Realty. He got into the business to make a difference by making sure customers are well informed and guided through the process.
He really listens to your wants, needs that you understand is possible and he shares feedback of options you may not have thought is possible from his experience.
He knows Real estate is one of the biggest financial decisions most make, it is a unique journey for each person that deserves the best quality service from a Realtor. Knowing the in’s & outs of what can be negotiated and how to do it tactfully is 2nd nature to him.
He will take to time to share his knowledge if you are ready to buyer or sell, or if you would like to get a clearer understanding of the process.

His reviews from previous customers is all that is really needed to say about him and the quality of attention he provides. Past customer reviews, past sales and bio can be viewed on this Zillow link:

Real estate is like a hobby to him, like any hobby that you enjoy with a passion, you become meticulous and precise knowing all the angles of how to achieve the best results.
His customers are always made aware of what options and bridges that will be in the path and new options available during the real estate journey. Customer Service goes on before, during and after the “Journey”… 😊

He often asks himself the question throughout every transaction… "What would I expect and deserve from a "Professional Realtor" that would represent me?

He’s not pushy; has worked with customers for more than 3 years before entering a transaction.

Let your Real Estate Journey begin with Leonard Ilgunas of Lucky Star

Lucky Star Realty 539 G St. suit 105 Eureka, CA 95501 707-267-0110
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    Leonard was awesome, it took me well over a year to find a home and Leonard was the most patient, knowledgeable, and friendly person I have had the fortune to work with.

    He was never pushy, even after the non-literal one thousandth home we looked at, and... (more)

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